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Family Resilience - A Story of definition

Not all situations can have a completly happy ending. But what they can have is a compromise that allows internal peace and acceptance of what has happened.

A true story is about a family who was very close and had a grandmother who was dying from heart disease. She had gotten to the point where there was nothing the doctors could do to save her. She was sent home and the family had to decide what they wanted to salvage and preserve from this situation.

Their answer was more time to say goodbye.

A surgery could be done to buy more time, but not save her. They decided to let her have the surgery and to have her recover at home with them so that they could spend all meal times and evenings with her, telling stories and sharing hugs that would have to last for their lifetime after she was gone. This turned out to be a great solution for them. When the grandmother did die a short time after the surgery, the quality time that they had shared allowed them the peace of knowing that they had done all that they could, and the goodbye time they had was worth every second of the extra needed care and time they had to put in to help her survive her last hours.

THE POINT: Make your compromises fit what feels right in your heart.

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